Let’s face it: getting into an accident with a fully loaded 18-wheeler on a busy major highway may be disastrous for everyone concerned. Truckers confront a variety of hazards, from road accidents to breakdowns, and your firm needs commercial trucking insurance to safeguard your business interests.

Commercial trucking insurance is vital to safeguarding your transportation company from such disasters, whether you are an owner-operator or operate a fleet of commercial vehicles!

Commercial trucking insurance is similar to commercial car insurance in that it covers the hazards involved with driving large commercial trucks.

Choosing the best trucker insurance might be difficult. Coverage varies according to the kind of vehicle used, the goods moved, and the distance traveled (for example, long-distance service providers should have long-haul trucking insurance).

Truckers Insurance Key Elements

Primary Liability Insurance:

Primary liability insurance is required by law and covers physical injury and property damage caused to others in the case of an accident. It protects drivers and their employers from legal and financial consequences.

Cargo Insurance:

Cargo insurance safeguards the items in transit. It protects against cargo damage, theft, or loss while in transit. Cargo insurance coverage may be adjusted to particular demands due to the various natures of carried commodities.

Physical Damage Insurance:

This coverage extends to the vehicle itself, shielding it from harm from collisions, crashes, or vandalism. It includes both comprehensive and collision coverage, guaranteeing that the truck’s value is protected.

Bobtail Insurance:

Bobtail insurance protects a truck that is driven without a trailer. It safeguards the vehicle and driver during non-cargo transportation, such as returning following a delivery.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance:

Non-trucking liability insurance, commonly known as bobtail insurance, protects the truck and driver when the truck is not actively engaged in commercial activity.

General Liability Insurance:

This insurance protects third-party personal injury and property damage claims that may arise while a trucking operation’s facilities, such as a loading dock or warehouse, are in use.

Downtime Insurance:

Downtime insurance pays truckers and firms for money lost when the truck is out of action due to insured incidents, maintaining financial stability.

Protect Yourself From

  • Truck collisions and physical damage
  • Other people’s bodily harm and property damage (typically a $1 million minimum)
  • Drivers who are uninsured or underinsured
  • Upheaval, overturn, fire, robbery, vandalism, and other types of loss
  • Customers’ cargo may be damaged, destroyed, or lost.
  • Accidents while loading and unloading
  • Injuries or property damage that are not directly connected to truck operation
  • accidents at work for which workers’ compensation is not available
  • Physical harm to a third-party trailer
  • Personal harm and property damage caused by truck usage
  • Property loss or damage occurred during storage, cross-docking, packing, and so on.
  • Downtime and non-operational vehicles
  • Liability for pollution, cleanups, and contamination
  • Non-trucking Hazmat claims, improper delivery, and so forth.
  • Gaps in loan and lease payments in the case of a complete car loss
  • Rental charges for a truck and trailer as a result of a collision
  • Vehicle damage while being towed
  • Personal harm or property damage caused by garage company activities

When choosing trucking or semi-truck insurance, you should seek professional assistance because your needs will determine your specific insurance coverage.

Our staff at World Insurance Associates has over 50 years of expertise in transportation insurance, and several of us were formerly truck drivers! We deal with all fleet types and specialize in difficult-to-place firms; there is no fleet for which we cannot locate commercial truck insurance.

We have various A-rated carriers available in 50 states, flexible guidelines, pricing and policy term marketing, specialized certificate ID assistance, an in-house claims department with a 24-hour helpline, and multilingual Spanish capacity.

We can also make your life simpler by providing on-demand certificate printing, online claims reporting, electronic UIIA and FMCSA filings, and online policy summaries. Allow our specialists to offer you a commercial truck insurance quotation for a customized plan to protect your drivers, vehicles, and company.

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